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"AVETIKA" is a shopping mall that connects to Tennoji Station, the gateway to South Osaka, with a touch of the natural beauty of leafy trees in Tennoji Park. It is filled with the open atmosphere of the unpretentious Tennoji area and is loved by its visitors as a friendly mall in which to enjoy casual shopping and dining. It is also a popular stop for the many visitors to the Shitennoji Temple on the 21st (Odaishi-san) and 22nd (Otaishi-san) every month. The "Pearl Garden" has a fountain decorated with ample plants and flowers in its center, creating a fragrant atmosphere. The underground passage connecting the car park of the Tennoji Park and Avetika has a dome-shaped glass ceiling with openings in the middle, and you can see the blue sky and the natural light coming in when you look up.