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2017.10.28 ☆10/28 Saturday AVETICA Halloween festival holding☆

We hold AVETICA Halloween festival on Saturday, October 28.
By the presentation of AVETICA use receipt (more than 500 yen on that day), we can participate in okashitsukamidori, dice lottery.
In AVETICA as for the buying...

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2017.10.01 ☆"Happy Monday" held on every Monday☆

We hold event in AVETICA every week in rotation on every Monday.
Receipt 1,000 yen (we add up for the day) of AVETICA is the above and can participate.

●First Monday
"This that shop shop present"

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2017.09.15 ☆"Railroad thing left behind city" opening for a limited time☆

Collected thing left behind is recycled by the railroad companies.
We are opening a store in AVETICA for a limited time!

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2017.09.13 ☆Okonomiyaki "AVETON" reopening☆

Okonomiyaki restaurant "AVETON" of AVETICA so popular that there are always lines
It was reopened on Wednesday, September 13!

"Taste of THE Naniwa" of airy okonomiyaki and grilled green onion
It is appreciation kudasa by all means...

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2017.08.228/22 Tuesday - 8/30 Wednesday United Nations refugee assistance campaign is held!

[we protect refugees. We support refugees. Association of United Nations UNHCR]

People whom hometown was driven to by dispute and persecution overnight.
Their life as an evacuee may last to ten several years.
In uneasiness not to see point...

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2017.08.19 ☆On Saturday, August 19, "airy fair" is held on Sunday, August 20☆

As AVETICA summer vacation event,
We hold "airy fair" for two days of Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20.
☆Fluff (new!) of JOE'S
☆We save Super Bowl

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2017.06.15 ☆On Thursday, June 15, Tuesday, June 20 "flower present" is held☆

We hold event in AVETICA PARL GARDEN.

■"Flower present"
On date and time Thursday, June 15 from Tuesday, June 20 every day 11:00
Contents AVETICA store...

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2017.05.14 music Festival "Abe ten street butterfly 2017" holding!

Music festival that is held in Abeno, the Tennoji whole area on May 14
☆"Abe ten street butterfly 2017"☆

It is 2 stages of PARL GARDEN meeting place, circular dome meeting place in AVETICA...

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2017.05.06 ☆Saturday, May 6 "AVETICA fair" holding☆

We start "AVETICA fair" at 11:00 on Saturday, May 6!
☆We save Super Bowl
☆Cake tsukamidori

By the presentation of AVETICA use receipt (for the day more than 500 yen)...

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2017.02.06 Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination event "treasure of 6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and legend" held news

In AVETICA, dough Chika COMS GARDEN, NAMBA NANNAN, Whity Umeda, NAMBA WALK, is it Monday, February 6 with Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination event "6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and legendary treasure?"...

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2016.07.24 ☆"MISUGI" reopening☆

Tennoji MISUGI was reborn on July 24.
dicila TWANY brand joins newly.
By more substantial assortment of goods, we help with beauty of visitor.
It is hirome newly...

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2016.07.24 "SEVENBANK ATM" operation start

We wait for the use of all of you.

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2016.07.15 ☆Store specializing in cakes "MARUSHIGE" opening☆

Store specializing in cakes "MARUSHIGE" opened in 7/15!
We have a lot of cakes of unforgettable original product once if we eat.
We wait for visit of all of you.

For more information:

2017.01.041 moon from 4 to 6 ☆Lottery lottery holding☆

We carry out lottery lottery causing FUKU on the New Year!
The date and time: 16 times for from Wednesday, January 4 to 6th on Friday as for every 30 minutes of from 12:00 to 19:30 in total
Meeting place: The AVETICA PARL GARDEN west
Participation condition: Receipt...

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2016.10.1510/15 Saturday ☆AVETICA fair & Midosuji Line Festival holding☆

We hold "AVETICA fair" on Saturday, October 15♫
You can participate by the presentation of AVETICA use receipt (for the day more than 500 yen).

In addition, AVETICA fair meeting place is held on the same day...

For more information:

2016.07.257/31 Sunday "AVETICA fair" holding!

We start "AVETICA fair" at 12:00 on Sunday, July 31!
☆We save Super Bowl
☆Scooping goldfish
☆Dice lottery

AVETICA use receipt (for the day more than 500 yen...

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2015.08.13 "AVETICA center restroom" reopening!

AVETICA center restroom was reopened.
We become very beautiful, and kind facilities are set with convenience including ladies' Powder corner and restroom for child.
Became comfortable; "AVETICA center to...

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2016.06.06 ☆Flower present event "hydrangea present"

We hold event in AVETICA PARL GARDEN.

■"Hydrangea present"
From date and time Friday, June 10 12:00
Is more than 500 yen in for the day of contents AVETICA store;...

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2015.10.01 "grilling foods on an iron plate bar GENSAN" opening!

"Grilling foods on an iron plate bar GENSAN" opened on Thursday, October 1!
We drink at noon and we drink at night and are OK.
From 500 yen tax-included as for the set meal of noon.

For more information:

2015.08.20 "DOCOMO SHOP" opening!

"DOCOMO SHOP" makes its grand opening on August 20!
The spacious shop! Approximately 100 tsubos!
Assortment of goods largest in smartphone accessories section area.
There is partner large parking lot.
It is come to the store by all means...

For more information:

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