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☆"Happy Monday" held on every Monday☆

We hold event in AVETICA every week in rotation on every Monday.
Receipt 1,000 yen (we add up for the day) of AVETICA is the above and can participate.

First Monday
"This that shop shop present"
 We present wonderful premium from each AVETICA shop by lot.

Second Monday
"Hel sea & beauty present" 
 We present beauty, health goods.

5 third Monday
"Dice DE cashback"
 If we throw the dice, and repdigit appears, shopping eating and drinking ticket hits.

Fourth Monday
"This tema show with roulette"
 Once in 30 minutes, we perform public lottery with roulette. Shopping eating and drinking ticket hits.

We do shopping in AVETICA every Monday, and let's participate in advantageous event♫