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☆3/17 - 4/1 [tenshiba X AVETICA spring play 2018] holding☆

<< the date >> 2018/3/17 Saturday - 2018/4/1 Sunday 16 days 

We hold event that play can enjoy in tenshiba X AVETICA in spring!
During tenshibadeha period, we carry out pat ten golf and egg hunting, various events including Segway ride experience!
We carry out "treasure hunt maze" in AVETICA on Sunday on Saturday, March 24, 25th.
[treasure hunt maze]
Holding time: From 12:00 to 17:00 
Participation condition: If it is protector companion ten years or older, child one year or younger can participate.
When we satisfy one in two points of the following, we can participate.
・The presentation of receipt which AVETICA was hatenshibano store again and used more than 500 yen on that day
・The presentation of entrance ticket of zoo and receipt using 500 yen or more of garden inner "lesser panda Shop search" "animal Shop search"
We can challenge maze for children in AVETICA!
Maze becomes mirror tension, and the mysterious world spreads out.
We clear game developed inside, and let's get premium!

Train "linear metro" that child steps over at the same time and can get on runs!
As for this, participation is free. Please take!

The tenshibadeno event details check "tenshiba HP"!