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Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination sales promotion event "spell of 6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and demon king" characters introduction AVETICA characters "wild animal trainer" appearance!

Today of the sixth delivery, it is characters of AVETICA and introduction of story.
On earth what kind of trial waits to win him over to the side?
Here is labyrinth of beast. Land where every animal live in peacefully.
However, wicked mind rose under the influence of demon king revival and overflowed, and animals have become demon.
Wild animal trainer who ever sealed in demon kings with one brave man is attacked by demons and chases serious wound.
He decided to entrust own son with position of wild animal trainer, but cannot show ability yet.
We obtain "the secret of wild animal trainer" and will let true power flower!
[wild animal trainer]
■Age 23 years old
■Blood type O
■Birthday November 30
■Favorite thing animal
■Hateful thing spice

Young man who has great wild animal trainer to father.
With seriousness not to miss training every day to surpass father,
We have extraordinary love for animal with us.
Because we take a trip to each place, there does not seem to be human friend.