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Osaka 6 underground shopping center combination sales promotion event "spell of 6 basement labyrinths (dungeon) and demon king" characters introduction NAMBA WALK characters "pirates" appearance!

Today of the seventh delivery, it is characters of NAMBA WALK and introduction of story.
On earth what kind of trial waits to win him over to the side?
Labyrinth which controls water and power of the sea here. It is said that there are pirates who are famous if the strongest in history.
However, pirates gangs were driven into destruction by surprise attack of subordinate "kraken" of demon king who appeared suddenly.
Pirates seem to lend trip of demon king seal power if we can knock down kraken.
Weak point of kraken should become clear if we borrow power of "naiad ghost" living in labyrinth.
We find out weak point and will tell pirates!
■Age 27 years old
■Blood type B
■Birthday March 6
■Favorite thing liquor, woman
■Hateful thing buff group

Young pirates who were brought up in birth, the sea on the sea.
We always play around, but have a character that it is faithful with straight.
Great trust is sent by friend.
We have red necklace which is keepsake of mother at all times.