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☆Osaka City Museum of fine Arts "Louvre exhibition" ticket service campaign☆

In Osaka City Museum of fine Arts, "Louvre exhibition" holds.
Period: It is January 14, 2019 from September 22, 2018

Advantageous service is available at store targeted for AVETICA when you have ticket of "Louvre exhibition".

Please use AVETICA on viewing by "Louvre exhibition"!

※In use of service
・It applies only to the person having ticket.
・It is available to one piece in 1 store per person.
・In the case of the use, we may seal ticket in confirmation mark.
・We may change service contents without notice.
・Combination with other services is impossible. (there is store which we can use together. Please confirm at each store.)
・We drink during Louvre exhibition period and are available.